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Custom Built Servers, NAS Systems And Backups

Maybe you have ran out of space on your current server or need to upgrade the one you have to a high end data Clould/Server , or need a new domain controller for a growing school or your organization needs a local backup server-----Call and speak to any our experienced Techs to get you new server today!


Let or group of licensed CCTV professionals build and setup a state of the art video survaillence system so you or yours can monitor your assets from anywhere on the planet!

Rather it be a Network NVR for a complete POE -IP Based Camera System - or legacy BNC System for compatibility with older cameras.   ----  Ask one of our technicians about Hybrid DVR/NVR systems and remote viewing. . we also do surveillance for buses.

Let our team or experienced professionals help you and your business get your projects on the right track! With consulting on all things technology! Our team of experts are ready and willing to help you  get a plan for your future.

Video Surveillance

Maybe You are needing a large screen for a presentation that your doing this week and need some way to show it ----------Not to worry! Here at Craig PC we also specialize in Smartboards, Interactive panels and  any size TV installations, anything from conference rooms to classrooms to the office.

Custom Built Computers,  Laptops and Chromebooks

Smart Boards,TV's and flatpanel interactive boards

Oil Field Services

Let Our team of experienced VOIP system professionals help you and your organization get the phone system you need for the modern age.

Networking & Fiber Optics

Let our highly experienced team of network engineers, build, setup and maintain your network rather it be a  school, business  or home ------- 

Let out team of Expert systems builders build you the computer or computers of your dreams!!! - Rather it be a custom built Office PC for multiple monitors, or a Gaming PC for all the latest and greatest titles, or any simple everyday general computer. also ask about our laptops and chromebooks!

Phones, VOIP phones, and all in one Systems 

Professional Consulting


let our team of professionals help you and your company accomplish all your technology needs rather it be fiber fusing, burial fiber or aerial fiber,Our experienced mobile fiber techs can help you connect your monitoring systems anywhere you need them!


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