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 *  We build, sell and support Custom built servers rather it be Craig , Dell, HP or any others

  *  We provide long lasting , powerful - servers for home, education or business 

Backup Servers

      *  Our expert technicians are committed to building your data backup server to your specific needs

      *  We Offer : Cloud Services, NAS Storage , JBOD's, RAID Arrays and External HDD drives

      *  Server Operating systems supported : Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Novell Server, UNIX and Linux

Networking Services

 Local Area Networks :

 * The fastest connections possible for any business size 

 * Cat5 ,Cat5E ,Cat6 Standards 

 * Network Topology's used: Star , Ring ,Bus, Mesh , FC , Tree , Line

* WAN or Wide Area Networks:

* Wi/Fi or Wireless Networking, Point to Point -AIR Fiber and others

* WE Sell and support all Network Switches for your business , Cisco, HP, Dell, Wideband and many others.

Wireless Networking - Network Security Firewalls

  Installation and support of all internet modems and firewalls such as: DSL Modems , any brand Cable Modems, Fiber Optic media converters ,Routers ,Gateways , Dell Sonicwall , Network Switches and other firewalls

* VPN's - Virtual Private Networks or Domain's- Domain networks

Fiber Optics 

Inspection and Installation of fiber optic networks 

in-ground, above ground and rack to rack 

special switches and media converters for all needs

the fastest connection possible for your business. 


Custom built PC's -

​* Personal computers, gaming computers ,workstation's and business computers for all your needs. - built right here in the united states.

PC Support and Repair

Support for all CRAIG branded PC's and all other personal computers such as HP , ASUS , Toshiba , Acer , APPLE , MSI, Dell , Lenovo and all other brands of laptops and desktops.